Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What size groups do you cater for?

A. We specialize in groups from two to twenty-two, but also cater for much larger groups.

Q. How can I book my vacation?

A. After you have fully explored this website and found a tour that suits you or a tour that you have designed, simply email or phone us. We will check availability for your preferred date and respond by e-mail or telephone. Once availability has been confirmed and you are happy to go ahead with the booking, we charge a booking deposit to your credit card. An e-mail confirming all the details of the tour.

Q. Do your tour guides offer optional sightseeing programs?

A. Yes. We want our tour guides to spend their time informing and looking after you including any optional extras you might require so you enjoy a pleasant and interesting travel experience.

Q. Are prices guaranteed?

A. Yes, all prices quoted are guaranteed.

Q. What travel documents do I need to visit Ireland?

A. If you are a U.S or Canadian citizen, the only travel document you need is a valid passport.

Q. Can I combine a coach tour with a self-drive program? Or can I combine a coach tour with a second one?

A. Yes, yes to both questions!  If you are considering a self-drive vacation, a coach tour is an excellent introduction to Ireland and will get you used to distances, customs and being “on the other side of the road.”

Q. Should I purchase travel protection?

A. Yes, to protect you, your loved ones, your possessions and your travel investment. If you or your family have unexpected health problems, experience flight delays or have possessions stolen during your vacation, you receive money back.

Q. At what time does the coach tour leave the hotel in the morning?

A. Departure time depends on the itinerary arranged and is completely up to you.

Q. How early can I check into the hotel on day of arrival?

A. You may check into rooms between noon and two pm depending on the hotel policy.

Q. How much time do we spend on the coach every day?

A. We want you to see as much as possible without spending all of your time on the coach. We generally incorporate a sightseeing feature each morning and afternoon. And there are breaks at two-hour intervals or less so that you may stretch your legs, purchase a snack or lunch, take photos, and avail of restrooms. We try not to spend more than four to five hours travelling each day as some of the more scenic  roads can be quite tiring.

Q. Will we have opportunities to take walks?

A. Yes many of our tours incorporate walking tours. These are leisurely paced walks with a guide. As you will have some free time when you arrive in the hotel in the afternoon, you may like to take a walk on your own or use leisure facilities which are offered in most hotels. We suggest that you take a pair of comfortable shoes with non-slip soles as many historic places have uneven paving.

Q. What is a table d´hote dinner?

A. It is a 4-or-5 course meal with a choice of appetizers, soups, entrees and desserts served in a hotel. Most hotels feature a good assortment of red and white meats, fish and vegetarian foods. If you have certain tastes or dietary restrictions you should find something appealing.

Q. Why do you offer independent transfers. And are they complicated to use?

A. We always endeavour to meet all clients on arrival at their chosen airports but as there are  many different flights to Dublin and Shannon from different cities throughout North America, it is not possible to have our tour escort greet all clients at the airports on arrival. Therefore,  we can include vouchers for a reputable airport transfer coach service at the start and end of your tour. You will get full instructions as to how this service operates with your travel documents.

Q. How much money do I need to take with me?

A.  Are you an avid shopper? Would you like to see a show in the evening? These costs are left entirely up to you. Also you should tip your driver/guide at the end of the tour. Credit cards and ATM are widely used so there’s no need to carry a lot of cash.

Q. Are there any free days for activities?

A. All of our tours are carefully planned with attractive sight-seeing every day. However, you may choose not to travel with the group and pursue your own interests on a day, especially on a two night stay.

Q. Money matters?

A. Credit/debit cards and ATM machines will get you the best exchange rate available. Check with your bank/credit providers before departure to ensure that they can be used abroad. Most stores accept credit and debit cards (but you will not be able to get cash back on US account debit cards; debit transactions will go through as a credit charge.) Many American banks do charge a transaction fee for use outside of their bank and they may charge a foreign currency fee also, so please be aware.

NOTE: ATM machines are widely available in all major cities, towns and villages you will be visiting on tour. Please keep this in mind and, should you be running low on cash, notify your guide in ample time so they can plan accordingly.

It is also a good idea to notify your bank/credit provider that you will be traveling abroad if you plan on some holiday shopping. Sometimes, out of the norm use will trigger fraud protection and will freeze your card.

Currency exchange booths are widely available but usually charge a hefty commission fee. Please remember that American dollars can only be changed for the local currency – they are not accepted as cash in UK and Europe!

Many of our guests are most comfortable traveling with travelers cheques. It is best to have cheques in the local currency (British Pounds Sterling and/or Euro) as you can then exchange them in most locations as cash. US Dollars cheques can only be changed inside a bank so you are subject to bank opening hours and also will be subject to the fluctuating exchange rate and most likely charged a commission fee for the service. American Express and Visa travelers cheques are the most common and widely accepted. Please contact your local bank for their travelers cheque and foreign currency programs.

Q. Gratuities

A.  When you are dining independently, typically it is customary to tip in pubs or restaurants, including for large groups. When buying a drink at the pub, it is not customary to leave a tip.

Driver/Guide gratuity is at your discretion. This is performance related but a good Driver/Guide will enhance your holiday experience hugely. Their work is seasonal and gratuities are very much appreciated.

Q. Phones and Electronics?

A. Phone cards are also sometimes a source of frustration for Americans travelling abroad. If you have a contracted phone card program, you must contact them for your international dial-up number prior to departing the States. Your usual 1-800 number will not work for calls initiated outside of the USA. You will need the appropriate local dial-up number to make a call TO the US.

International AT&T cards and similar purchased in the US are often for phoning internationally FROM the US and not TO the US. They usually do not work from abroad. It may be best to purchase a phone card from a local news agent upon arrival for phoning you loved ones back home in the States.

Mobile Phone Rentals are available from several companies for short vacation breaks.

If you want to use your own American cell/mobile, please make sure that you have a tri-band model phone. Dual-band mobile phones will only work in North America. Please check your mobile phone service provider for your dialing rates and fee structure for phone use abroad.

DVDs are available for purchase in many attractions and at shops across the UK and Europe. Please note that DVDs are regional; America is region 1 and UK/Europe is region 2. Special region-free DVD players and some computer DVD programs ignore regionality but if you have a standard DVD player Region 2 discs will NOT play on a region 1 machine. Programs exist to re-format your DVD player to become region-free but please be aware of the possible difficulties if planning to buy DVDs during your holiday.

Internet ?

A.  WiFi connections available in all hotels and accommodations,Internet cafes are available in cities and  larger towns but they are becoming less prevalent. Internet terminals are available in several of your hotels. Your guide will be able to assist you with where is available to check your email during your tour.Scotland